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If you are interested in having your show featured on Cabaret Confessional, please read the information below, email and provide the following material.


  • Press release of your show in Word format (no PDFs please)
  • 1-3 images (web friendly, low resolution images are fine)
  • Name and email address of the contact person for your show


  • YouTube/Vimeo clip links
  • Artist/Show website URL and links to relevant social media pages (Facebook page, Twitter account, Google+ etc).
  • Links to reviews from your previous performances
  • Artist bio in Word format     


While we do our best, we cannot guarantee that we would be able to accommodate every request. The more creative your press release/show description, the better chance your show will be featured. As the number of artists we’re able to feature are limited, it would also help if you submit the information through sooner rather than later.

Artists are invited to submit their own contributions to the blog. Just like a show, we aim to make the site’s content as interesting to our audience as possible. Creative content in a user-friendly format is strongly encouraged, e.g.a video-blog (YouTube/Vimeo) or an imaginative piece of writing about the process of creating your show or gossip/backstage story about something funny that happened in rehearsal or during your performance. Cabaret Confessional has built a community of cabaret aficionados and we aim to treat our audience as ‘insiders’ rather than flyer them with standard press releases.

Please explore the links below to get an idea of posts that demonstrate what we are looking for:

Jenny Wynter’s Australian Cabaret Summer School blog series 

Grace Cherry’s Burlesque 101: A History Lesson

Michael Griffiths’ Cabaret Tour Diary Part 1 - Melbourne debut

Spoonful of Beauty and the Bastard Part 1: Inspiration

Spoonful of Beauty and the Bastard Part 2: Algorithm of doom

Spoonful of Beauty and the Bastard Part 3: The independent cabaret artist’s guide to finding a job

Liz Skitch - Edinburgh Blog: Acts of Bravery

Liz Skitch - Edinburgh Blog: It’s Not You, It’s Me

The Damsel’s Survival Guide to the Edinburgh Fringe

Wolves and Coffee


Please contact for any queries.


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