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Saturday's "Football-Free" Alternative


As the Hawks and the Swans battle it out this weekend, Adelaide’s Cabaret Community are banding together to reach a grand TOTAL, rather than the grand final. They are offering audiences a “football-free” alternative called “CABARET FOR A CAUSE” 2.30pm this Saturday afternoon at La Boheme (Grote St).


They’ve set themselves the goal of raising $2000 for {CARA}, a charity working in partnership with people with a disability, their families and the community to create a better life.


The inspiration behind “Cabaret For a Cause” is comedienne and cabaret performer Jenny Wynter, who has signed up to participate in the {CARA} TV Charity Challenge. Contestants in this “Amazing Race” style show which will be filmed this month and aired in the new year have each pledged to raise $10 000 for their chosen charity.


Though technically she resides in Queensland, Jenny is a regularly featured performer in Adelaide - appearing in numerous Fringe Festival Shows and Cabaret events. Audiences love her warm and engaging personality, funny original songs and her honest and soul baring stories which share both the humour and the pain of being a mum, a partner and a performer.


Wynter will be joined by ten local performers and Matthew Carey at the piano in a fun afternoon of informal cabaret fun.  Carey knew his fellow performers would want to support this event. “The cabaret community of Adelaide is full of very generous souls who have leapt at the chance to support Jenny and her wonderful cause. La Boheme is the perfect cabaret venue in which to escape Finals Fever with a classy drink and some fantastic entertainment.”


Tickets are $25 and every cent goes directly to {CARA}. 


While this is the perfect football-free option for those who need to escape their otherwise football-frenzied environment, football fans can still support the cause by booking a VIRTUAL TICKET to Cabaret for a Cause. Carey has guaranteed everyone in the ‘virtual audience’ will receive a souvenir from the show.


Performers on the day will include:
Meg Doherty
Jamie Jewell
Eden Plaisted
Lindsay Prodea
Lucy Russell 


You can show your support by doing any of the following:

A) Book a TICKET to see Cabaret for a Cause

Ring 0417 865129 to reserve your seat or go to  donate $25 per ticket and type “Cabaret for a Cause <and your email address>” in the message box. Your booking will be noted and your name will be on the door at La Boheme for the show!

B) Book a VIRTUAL TICKET to Cabaret for a Cause

Not everyone will be able to make it on the day, but that doesn’t prevent you from showing your support. Go donate $25 and type “VIRTUAL TIX <and your email address>” in the message box. You will receive a souvenir from the show!


This cause deserves support from everyone who loves cabaret! Feel free to re-post this page or its information via facebook, twitter, email or on your own site. If you have an email list of friends and fans it would be wonderful if you could share this information with them and encourage their support.


She’s set herself the task of raising $10K in 8 weeks. Even someone as full of love and enthusiasm as Jenny needs a little encouragement now and then. Find her on facebook, on twitter or on youtube. Send her a message and remind her that she’s got an enormous number of supporters behind her.


La Boheme (Grote St, Adelaide)
Saturday Sept 29 @ 2.30pm