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Michael Griffiths' Cabaret Tour Diary Part 10 - Shows and more shows


Meeting Petula Clark after her show on Saturday night


Wednesday February 15, 2012

It’s the morning of my last show in New York. I have one show in Sydney next Friday 24th and that’ll be the end of my tour and this ‘tour diary’. 

I’m not my usual self today. Whitney Houston’s passing on Saturday has changed the mood here in New York. I must confess I wasn’t a fan of much recent material and it seems she had lost quite a lot of vocal ability, whether through lifestyle or emotional problems - we can only speculate. No one would argue though, that her early talents were simply extraordinary. I loved “How Will I Know” (I still do) and remember when it came out in 1985. I also remember singing along to “The Greatest Love of All” back in the day and thinking the lyric ‘learning to love yourself’ a little peculiar. Granted, I was only about ten years old and perhaps a little young to grasp the pop psychology of it.

I’m a huge Annie Lennox fan too and I think she sums it up perfectly on her fan page:

It’s almost unbearable to think of yet another OUTSTANDING artist being prematurely snuffed out like a light…far too soon. I’m torn between the profound awe I have for the incredible voices of Whitney and Amy, and the horror I feel over the destructive natures of their respective demise. So many phenomenal performers have fallen between the cracks like this. It makes me feel so sad. I’ve been looking at YouTube clips of Whitney today, and reflecting on her tremendous rise to massive fame as a young woman. 
She had it all…Beauty, exceptional talent…fame, wealth… But when the life/work/fame balance gets out of kilter, and you start putting drugs into the mix, it’s completely toxic. What a terrible tragic waste. So sad.

Annie Lennox

On a lighter note, my IN VOGUE performance on Friday was fab. I had a full house and quite a few native New Yorkers had wandered in; I’d love to know how they found out about me! After the show a stranger from the audience grabbed me and wanted to tell me all about living in the same apartment block as Madonna 30 years ago. She told me how she put up a huge black fence around the entire building, much to the horror of all the other tenants! I LOVE hearing stuff like that! She loved the show and we both had a good giggle about it. Jim Caruso also came and now he is my fan, telling esteemed cabaret singer Marilyn Maye on Monday night at Birdland to check out my show tonight! I do hope she comes, I saw her sing and she totally blew me away. More on this later.

On Saturday night, my dear NYC friends Andy and Matt took me out for dinner and to see Petula Clark at Feinstein’s at Loews Regency and it was impossibly fancy. Petula’s best known for the song “Downtown” (which coincidentally I sang in my first cabaret show in Sydney with Lenore Munro and Paul Flynn in the Stables Theatre back in 2000). She was fantastic, especially when she accompanied herself at the piano. “La Vie en Rose” was the highlight.

Sunday was FREEZING cold but I braved my way through the icy wind to see Australian cabaret star Kim Smith perform his show Misfit at the Laurie Beechman Theatre. It was a treat to see his ‘neo-Weimar’ persona light up the stage and finally meet him after hearing his name for so many years. Kim sings in different languages and reinterprets pop songs (from Bjork to Minogue) in a cabaret setting. The second part, we have in common.

Unfortunately, on Sunday night the heating went down as I slept. I’d been waking up cold the last few mornings so gave the thermostat a good yank before I tucked in and it obviously didn’t like me cos it slowly shut down during the night and I woke up in a meat freezer early on Monday morning. Those people who say you can’t catch a cold by being cold obviously haven’t spent the night in a freezer (and I do mean that literally, it was about -7C overnight). I’ve been aching and coughing my guts up ever since. I’m a little worried about how my voice will hold up tonight but, thinking about it today, I’ve had a dream run until now! A little cough or sniffle is nothing I can’t handle.

Monday night was another fab night at Jim Caruso’s Cast Party. Was great to see Jim and his bar manager William – he sings most Mondays and absolutely blows the roof off. As I mentioned earlier, Marilyn Maye performed and silenced the room. She sang ‘My Funny Valentine’ (on the stroke of midnight; Happy Valentines!) and I’m now her biggest fan. I have hit Amazon and ordered all her CDs.

Last night was War Horse at The Lincoln Arts Center. I’ve not seen the Spielberg film adaptation; I’d heard it is best to see it on stage and I’m glad I waited. It’s a stunning production. The horses are a visual triumph and the emotional impact is undeniable. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Today is another ‘pre-show’ quiet day. Hoping that a good hour of yoga will scare off these muscle aches and free up my voice from all the coughing.

Here’s to my last NYC show!



“He creates a sense of togetherness in the room, reminding audiences that pop songs aren’t popular because they’re ordinary or vacuous, but because of the joy and connectedness that they inspire in the people who hear them. To miss this show would be even more of a crime than Madonna’s cover of ‘American Pie’.”

Click here to read the Four and a half-star review by ArtsHub reviewer Aleksia Barron.


Griffiths’ charming and impish performance sheds new light on Madonna’s songs and career…” - Kate Herbert

Click here to read the four-star review by Sun Herald reviewer Kate Herbert.

“With some impressive arrangements for piano, Griffiths gives the music and lyrics a considerable lift, and together with some clever monologues, injects a lot of humour” - Australian Stage

Click here to read the full review by Vito Mattarelli. 

Michael Griffiths in In Vogue: Songs by Madonna

New York season at Don’t Tell Mama: For tickets and show info, click here.

Sydney season as part of the Slide Cabaret Festival: For tickets and show info, click here.

Read his interview with Cabaret Confessional here.


Michael Griffiths Bio:

Performing Arts (WAAPA) with a Bachelor in Music Theatre in 1999 and has a Diploma in Music Composition. Michael is currently performing in Sydney in Jersey Boys. Before this Michael toured Australia and New Zealand in Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Michael performed in the Australian and Japanese tour of We Will Rock You!, appeared in the original Australian cast of Shout! and was in the original workshop for the new Australian musical Prodigal. Michael has performed cabaret at Sydney’s legendary Showqueen at the Supper Club and for Koookaburra’s Up Close and Musical series. He enjoyed a sold-out season with his cabaret debut In Vogue: Songs by Madonna at the 2011 Adelaide Cabaret Festival. 


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2012 Adelaide Cabaret Festival: four shows unveiled 


It was officially announced today that Adelaide Cabaret Festival Artistic Director Kate Ceberano has secured a premiere selection of international, national and local acclaimed artists in her debut year as Artistic Director. Tickets went on sale today for four shows ahead of the official program launch on March 31. If this is an indication of the overall quality of the program, we’re all in for a very big treat in June. 

The four shows include three Australian premieres and one world premiere.

The 2012 program will feature the USA’s Mary Wilson in Stormy Weather: The Lena Horne Project, June 9-10 at Dunstan Playhouse; Charismatic UK comedian Lenny Henry in his one man show Cradle To Rave, June 23 at Festival Theatre; New York based Australian Kim Smith performs Misfit in an Australian premiere, June 8-10 at Artspace; South Australian company Various People Inc present The Velvet Gentleman: the odd story of Erik Satie, June 15-17 at Artspace.

Having read Stormy Weather: Life of Lena Horne by James Gavin,being able to see the book come alive with him and Mary Wilson performing would no doubt be an amazing experience. With Kim Smith, after being throroughly bewitched by him in 2010, when he presented his sold-out show Morphium, and reading a mountain of rave reviews about his new show Misfit, I was ecstatic to learn that he’s returning to the Festival. Lenny Henry’s and Various People Inc’s Satie shows both look equally enticing as well.

Mary Wilson, a founding member of Motown’s The Supremes will perform Stormy Weather: The Lena Horne Project, about Hollywood’s first African-American goddess, from her reign at MGM’s “dream factory” to a fabled night club seductress and civil rights icon.  Stormy Weather is a living, breathing biography based on the book by James Gavin. The show includes a combination of storytelling, live performances and rare audio and visual images from Gavin’s wealth of material and interviews with Horne herself. Gavin joins Wilson on stage as the narrator, with orchestrations by seven-time Emmy Award Winner Mike Renzi.

Kate Ceberano says, “Mary Wilson still performs with the same passion as she did singing with the original Supremes, Cabaret Festival audiences will be blown away by her interpretation of the beautiful Lena Horne who became a pioneering star for African Americans in the 40s and 50s. From the Cotton Club’s glory days and the back lots of Hollywood studios to the glitzy resorts of Las Vegas, Mary takes you on a behind-the scenes look at this American icon.”

Acclaimed UK comedian, actor, writer, TV presenter, radio host and all-round Renaissance man Lenny Henry returns to his roots with a funky, funny and personal one man show, Cradle to Rave, about the thing he loves most: music. Cradle to Rave is Henry’s most personal show yet, offering a hilarious and touching insight into a man to whom music matters a little too much. From growing up thinking Elvis was a relative as there were so many pictures of him in the house, to missing a cue during his theatrical debut as Othello because he was listening to hip hop, Cradle to Rave sets Henry’s family, first loves and fame against a musical backdrop – a comic cabaret voyage through his life told via its eclectic soundtrack. Directed by the critically acclaimed UK theatre director Sam Buntrock, Cradle to Rave is Henry’s musical journey from fan boy to the greatest singer the UK never had.  

In Misfit, Kim Smith charts a dark and whimsical path through a ruined musical landscape of disfigured pop and peculiar period treasures, mischievously proving that misfits have more fun.

Having made an impressive Adelaide Cabaret Festival debut in 2010 with his show Morphium, Kim Smith returns with his latest Weimar-era inspired cabaret. Smith sings in German, French and English, reinterpreting works by Weimar-era composers, as well as modern-day artists including Friedrich Hollaender, Björk, the Supremes, Kylie Minogue, Kurt Weill, and a myriad of glittering others. 

“Misfit is a ribald and naughty program, with a really fun energy, and a lot of what I love about it is in the eclectic selection of songs.  I love watching and experiencing different audiences react to different parts of the show, and I really enjoy working to make every sung and spoken word ring true for myself.” said Kim Smith about the show. 

The Velvet Gentleman: the odd story of Erik Satie (some of it is true), will transport you to Paris in the twentieth century into the curious world of eccentric composer Erik Satie.  Satie was as a cabaret pianist and composer of popular songs, ballets and music. South Australian musical duo Cheryl Pickering and Richard Chew inhabit Satie’s crowded room coaxing musings and music from his piano and paraphernalia.The Velvet Gentleman is an affectionate tribute in music, song and text to one of the fathers of cabaret. 

audiences can have their first taste of the Festival by purchasing tickets to Adelaide’s night of nights Variety Gala Performance on Friday 8 June. Once again patrons will walk the red carpet and witness a variety of incredibly talented cabaret artists in this year’s Festival.  This year’s Gala line-up is more impressive than ever – book early as it is sure to sell out.

Ceberano has big ambitions to take the Festival to even greater heights and ensure it builds on its reputation for excellence not only through its stellar performers but also with a design that matches its international reputation. Kate is working with renowned Australian Artist David Bromley who has been engaged as Festival Designer, to enhance some of the performance spaces, interiors and public areas by providing an overarching aesthetic and visual texture for the Festival.

Adelaide Festival Centre CEO and Artistic Director Douglas Gautier says “Whether you are a connoisseur, or if you are discovering Cabaret for the first time I urge you to book for the four shows on sale today as they are sure to sell out. Be sure not to miss Kate’s first Festival.”

Subscribe to four or more shows and you can buy additional tickets to any Adelaide Cabaret Festival show at the subscriber price when the full program is announced on March 31. And if you’re already an Adelaide Festival Centre subscriber you can automatically access the subscriber price. If you haven’t secured your 2012 Variety Gala Performance tickets yet then you can do so by including it as part of your subscription.

Full program and tickets on sale March 31, details will be available in the Adelaide Cabaret Festival brochure.  Get one free by calling the Adelaide Cabaret Hotline on (08) 8216 8901 or go to

Tickets on sale now for Stormy Weather: The Lena Horne Project starring Mary Wilson, Lenny Henry, Misfit and The Velvet Gentlemen. Book at BASS 131 246 or online  



2012 Adelaide Cabaret Festival June 8-23


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Kim Smith in Misfit returns to the Laurie Beechman Theatre for one night only February 12, 2012(New York)


Photo by Christian Coulson


Those of you in New York City that were kicking themselves for having missed out on the previous Misfit shows performed by the acclaimed international performer called “all decadence and sly appeal” by Back Stage Magazine or have been suffering withdrawal symptoms, rejoice!

He will bring his critically-acclaimed show Misfit back to New York for one night only. Misfit premiered in March 2011 at New York’s Laurie Beechman Theatre, and performed at Café Sabarsky and Duane Park throughout 2011.

Singing in German, French and English, Mr. Smith reinterprets works by Weimar-era composers, and modern-day artists alike, including Friedrich Hollaender, Björk, the Supremes, Kylie Minogue, Hanns Eisler, and myriad glittering others in conjuring a contemporary vision of the decadence and decay of 1920’s Berlin. Out to prove that misfits have more fun, Smith mischievously leads the audience through an evening of disfigured pop and glimmering period treasures. “Misfit” is directed by Christian Coulson; Smith is joined by Music Director Steven Ray Watkins on piano and Sam Nedel on upright bass.


Latest interviews:

Click here to read an excellent interview featured in NEXT magazine. Kim talks about growing up as a ‘misfit’ and how it shaped him.

Click here to read an indepth interview with Broadway World.



Kim Smith: Misfit reviewed


Stay tuned for Kim Smiths’ upcoming Australian tour info and interview on Cabaret Confessional.


Kim Smith in Misfit

Venue: West Bank Cafe/Laurie Beechman Theater 407 West 42nd Street, NY

Date: February 12, 2012

Time: 9.30pm

Tickets: $15 cover + $15 Food/Bevarage Minimum

Reservations: Call 212-695-6909 or click here.



Kim Smith has a new Facebook page filled with his latest show updates and information. Do yourself a favour and click ‘Like’. 

Read all the previous articles on Kim Smith here.


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Misfit returns to Duane Park (New York)



New York-based, award-winning Australian Weimar Kabarett star Kim Smith is returning to Duane Park following his sold-out show in September for the encore performance of his acclaimed cabaret Misfit on November 1.

Kim Smith describes Misfit as “a ribald jaunt through poptastic heartbreak and reanimated, antique musical gems… a meaty show, with a lot of emotional, dark and humourous content; stylistically, I like to think of it as Robyn (Swedish electro pop performer), Marlene Dietrich and Edith Piaf in a musical knife fight”.

The show premiered in March at Laurie Beechman Theatre to glowing reviews. “We had so much fun debuting the show — I was most excited to see how people would react to my assessments of American culture in the show, and to get out there and live some of the more challenging music I’d selected,”

He calls Misfits his favourite creation so far. “It has a punchy energy, and I’m really excited by how it’s still changing and growing to this day.  I think it’s the most fun I’ve had on stage ever! I enjoy finding every song’s emotional thread anew each time I sing the show and I love the audience reactions — especially to some of the more unexpected pop.”

 “I’ve always threaded in a little pop music to my shows, but Misfit is much more about me really exploring my huge emotional response to pop music.  I dug into the catalogues of my favourite artists and ran them through my stylistic mill, and here we are with a series of mash-ups of old Weimar songs and more contemporary pop songs that I love equally and very dearly”, Smith says. Misfit features works by Friedrich Hollaender, Björk, the Supremes, Kylie Minogue and Hanns Eisler with a mischievous, wicked twist.

Singing in German, French and English, Smith takes the audience through an evening of ‘disfigured pop and glimmering period treasures’. Brace yourselves – he’ll bewitch and mesmerise.

Directed by: Christian Coulson

Music Director: Steven Ray Watkins on piano

Double bass: Sam Nedal


Kim Smith has a new Facebook page filled with his latest show updates and information. Do yourself a favour and click ‘Like’. 



Venue: Duane Park Restaurant, 157 Duane Street (Between West Broadway and Hudson) New York

Date: November 1, 2011

Times: 8:30pm (Dinner and show)

Tickets: No cover - a la carte menu will be served.

Reservations: Call (212) 732-5555. Click here for more information.


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Kim Smith's Vauxhall Kabarett: special guests Rebecca Elliott and Jonathan Whitton @ Vlada Bar October 3 (New York)


Vauxhall Kabarett is a monthly menagerie of live musical treats, sampled from the nether regions of Manhattan nightlife, and worlds beyond. Hosted by Award-winning Australian cabaret performer, Kim Smith, Vauxhall features specialty cocktails, pinch-able bar boys, and all manner of neo-Weimar naughtiness…for FREE!  Taking inspiration from both 1920s Berlin boy-bars and 1950s New York nightlife, Vauxhall features taut, shirtless bar boys, absinthe cocktails and a glittering parade of musical guests.

After performing his spectacular sold-out show Misfit at Duane Park Restaurant in late September, Kim Smith is ready to bring the house down at Vlada Bar.

The October edition of Kim Smith’s monthly Vauxhall Kabarett series, he is excited to present as his musical guests, Australian Musical Theatre starlet Rebecca Elliott and the dashing Mr. Jonathan Whitton (Hedwig, The Last Five Years)! As usual, he plays anti-host and sing of pop-tastic Weimar heartbreak – come one, come all, to the only Vauxhall in the month of October! 



Kim Smith Hosts VAUXHALL KABARETT with Tangerine Jones, Brandon Gwinn & Silya Nymoen

Date: October 3, 2011

Venue: Vlada Bar331 West 51st Street, between 8th & 9th

Time: 9.00pm 


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