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Cabaret Festival's Adelaide Focus


From it’s inception, the Adelaide Cabaret Festival has been committed to presenting the world’s finest and most exciting cabaret performers and sharing their knowledge and experience with emerging artists. 

Directors, composers and performers have offered masterclasses, candidly discussed their work in conversation and mentored local performers. The Festival supports Australian cabaret competitions in offering performance opportunities to selected outstanding entrants. 

This year, the Adelaide Cabaret Festival’s mentoring program for secondary students, now known as “Class of Cabaret”, is providing ongoing learning and performing opportunities to 27 young performers from across Adelaide and beyond. The students are tutored in all aspects of cabaret, including repertoire selection, vocal coaching, stage craft and presentation. The program, which draws upon a wide pool of resources within the Festival team, is an ongoing investment in nuturing the interest and potential careers these students have in cabaret and the performing arts.

Over the past twelve years, the Festival has developed an audience of thousands of South Australians who love cabaret and is always keen to introduce them to fresh talent. The Adelaide Stage is a new initiative to offer local performers of all ages a chance to present a 10 minute spot and capture the attention of some of that audience! This fantastic showcase opportunity is ideal if you have a show to promote, or if you have some new material you want to try on an audience. The Adelaide Stage will be in the Piano Bar, Friday June 15 from 7.30-9.30pm. It is a non-ticketed event, which means it is open to anyone in and around the Festival that evening, and of course open to family or friends who would like to come in for a drink and enjoy some South Australian cabaret.


Those interested in participating should email by Sunday June 10 Monday June 11 with a single paragraph introducing themselves and a rough idea of the material they would like to present. To keep the flow between acts as smooth as possible, we are primarily looking for solo vocalists with one instrument accompaniment, although variations on that configuration will be considered. Artists will be notified by Monday evening 11/6/12 whether their submission has been successful. The Adelaide Cabaret Festival will provide a pianist for the evening, basic production, and the chance to perform at the hub of the world’s largest cabaret festival!


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The Perfect Pop Princess

Actress and singer Lea Salonga originated the role Kim in the musical Miss Saigon, winning Tony, Olivier, Drama Desk, Outer Critics Circle and Theatre World awards. She also played the roles of Eponine and Fantine in Les Miserables on Broadway and provided the singing voices of Disney princesses Jasmine and Mulan.

Lea headlines the 2012 Adelaide Cabaret Festival, performing this weekend with Vanessa Scammell conducting the Adelaide Art Orchestra.

Richard Jay-Alexander was Executive Producer of Miss Saigon on Broadway and subsequently directed Salonga’s Carnegie Hall debut in November 2005. In this excerpt from an extensive forthcoming interview, Richard remembers working with Lea as they prepared specialty material for her concert.





Richard Jay-Alexander:

Lea Salonga is so unique and so gifted. 

I worked with her on Miss Saigon and I worked with her on Les Mis. I asked her to come and play Eponine for us, back in the day and I also did her Carnegie Hall debut.

That was a fantastic show because when she called me from the Phillipines she told me she was pregnant. She was very nervous about it but I asked of she’d be willing to announce her pregnancy (during the show).

In the Richard Jay world, if you’re going to play Carnegie Hall, it’s gotta matter. It’s not like the old days where Harry Belafonte would play there once a year or whenever he had a new album. You may never be there again, so you need specialty material!

Lea played the original Annie in the Phillipines and used to listen to Andrea McArdle so I had Andrea as a guest and they sang Tomorrow together.

Lea did Miss Saigon with Liz Callaway, who was the original Lizzie. We told the story about how Liz was pregnant while we rehearsing Miss Saigon, but had her baby and made it back for the first preview. Lea loved the idea, we had Liz’s son stand up in the audience and it brought the house down.”

So I started with Married, a song she did not know from Cabaret. 

Oh the world can change, it can change like that, due to one little word - married.

Lea says “I love embarrassing my husband” and we did a bit of dialogue along the lines of “ever since we got married, everybody’s like, when are you going to have a baby, Lea? Not now, no rush. That used to be my stock line. Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at a very happy pregnant girl at the end of her first trimester.”

We did The Story Goes On (from Baby) and Lea was joined on stage by Liz Callaway singing and all these things I feel and more…your child is next. I had permission from (Baby’s writers) Maltby and Shire. They came to rehearsal and it was very, very thrilling.

We ended Act 1 with I’d Give My Life For You. It’s fantastic when you have a career like Lea’s. I’ve done Carnegie Hall a lot, but this was a historic night.

Lea has one of those voices - it’s the perfect pop voice, like Karen Carpenter in that it’s seamless and has no break. We sang a lot of great stuff and she can be very funny.

I remember one song she was ‘mixing’ and I said “oh no, no, no, no, no. Stop! You’re not mixing anything. This is balls to the wall, I don’t care if your vocal cords are bloody.” She looked alarmed and I said “I’m kidding. Sort of.”

But the point is you’ve gotta give it up. It’s Carnegie Hall, not science. She did, and she got eleven standing ovations. It was a big triumph.


L-R: Richard Jay-Alexander, Lea Salonga & Richard Maltby (lyricist Miss Saigon & Baby)


Lea Salonga

with Vanessa Scammell conducting the Adelaide Art Orchestra

June 9 & 10, 2012 @ 8pm

Adelaide Festival Theatre

See booking link below for ticket prices

Book at BASS 


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Cabaret Fringe Applications Close Wed Apr 18


Adelaide’s open access Cabaret Fringe Festival will celebrate it’s fifth year in 2012.

Organisers are currently accepting applications from artists interested in performing during the festival which runs from June 1-30.

Details about the festival and how to apply can be found at

The Cabaret Fringe Festival coincides with the Adelaide Cabaret Festival (June 8-23) and has helped establish the city’s importance and influence in the art of cabaret. Last year’s Cabaret Fringe offered almost 60 different shows presented by artists from around Australia.

Applications close this Wednesday, April 18.


Michael Griffiths' Cabaret Tour Diary Part 7 - The Takeoff


En route to New York City



Thursday February 2, 2012

I’m at 30,000 feet. Just departed SYD and bound for NYC. I can’t remember being this excited about something for a very long time. I figured that by my age (let’s just say I’m not in my twenties anymore) that I’d be well past feeling the excitement I used to about the Royal Adelaide Show each September, fantasising about the Ghost Train, the Mad Mouse and most importantly, the SHOW BAGS!

So I thought I’d use this time (and I have about 15 hours to kill) to give my NYC trip a little back story. Quite simply, I’m sitting on this aeroplane because about two years ago my best friend Dean Bryant said to me at Fitness First Melbourne Central while we were lifting not terribly heavy weights, “We should do a cabaret together.” I nodded vaguely. We continued our workout and not another word on the subject was spoken.

I’d already been very impressed by Dean’s many cabaret success stories. I was in tears at a dress rehearsal of Newley Discovered, struck dumb by Hugh Sheridan’s talent and Dean’s elegant and sophisticated writing. I didn’t feel like I was quite ready to join his stable of cabaret artists yet. Besides, I was busy in Jersey Boys (I still am, years later!), quite content in the ensemble and grateful to be working.

But a seed had been planted. 

Almost a year later, Dean was visiting Sydney and we were having brunch at my favourite local cafe Guilia. That’s when I proposed he and I should do a Madonna cabaret together. I told him I didn’t know how it would happen, but I did know that I have always enjoyed her pop songs immensely. That she is a gifted lyricist and this goes almost entirely unacknowledged. Dean nodded a little unenthusiastically, having recently enjoyed success with his Britney Spears cabaret (starring the multi-talented and gorgeous Christie Whelan) and not in a hurry to re-tread the familiar territory. However, his interest was raised somewhat when I explained I should ‘play’ Madonna but without any attempt to ‘mimic’ her. I’d simply sing her songs (transposed down for my baritone voice) and recount hilarious anecdotes from her triumphant career as the Queen of Pop (and the movies that were a terrible idea right from the start).

We didn’t speak any further about it but Dean must have warmed quietly to the idea because he pitched it to David and Lisa Campbell without me knowing.

I got a phone call from Dean just before Christmas 2010 saying, “The Adelaide Cabaret Festival wants your Madonna show.” I was completely stunned and responded with something like “WHAT Madonna show?” but Dean convinced me that it was a great idea, that he’d write it and I should do the musical arrangements. I said, “NO, I want James Simpson to be my pianist and musical director.” I’d seen Dean’s cabaret show Experiment with Alex Rathgeber and had been blown away by James’ arrangements; he is a very special talent. Dean, however, insisted that I accompany myself and it was the only way the show would work (it was all the budget would allow for, but that may have been kept under wraps for the time being).

I recall us having a mild argument about it. I was certain I wasn’t up to the task of playing for myself for an hour and was concerned at the massive commitment and undertaking this would require. But Dean was quietly confident I’d be fine and we’d be fine so all that was left was to do was organise a week off from Jersey Boys in June and begin writing our little show. 

The Cabaret Festival wanted a title quickly and the first idea I had was IN VOGUE: SONGS BY MADONNA. We tossed around a few other ones but kept coming back to that. I liked the way it referenced her songs, as opposed to it being a tribute or drag show. I also liked the way it incorporated a song title (“Vogue”) but in a different context. One could argue that being ‘in vogue’ has been an integral part of her career and that she has always had an uncanny knack for tapping into the zeitgeist. 

Comfy tracksuit for the long haul. Wearing the Jersey Boys hoodie with pride, makes customs just that little bit easier.

We scheduled a get together in Melbourne early in 2011 to sit down at the piano (funnily enough, at fortyfivedownstairs where we just bumped out our Melbourne season!) so I could play through some early musical ideas and run through a potential song list. It also gave me a chance to see the ten year return of Dean’s Prodigal written with his partner Mathew Frank, which I adored. These were primitive musical doodlings but it gave us both a taste of how her songs would sound stripped back at the piano and with a male voice.

I remember singing “Borderline” (not terribly well), “Rain” (worse still), “Where Life Begins” (no comment) and not much else. Dean sat quietly taking notes and I was a little embarrassed about sounding croaky and playing the piano with little accuracy or finesse. Dean was encouraging though, and we sat down and talked through a list of mostly comic ideas I had for the show, one of which was a ‘show and tell’ with the notorious SEX book but in the context of it being a photo album of happy snaps from home.

With our first ‘meeting’ adjourned, we set about collaborating from afar for five months, me sitting at home and recording little ideas at the piano on GarageBand and emailing them off to Dean wherever he was in the world, trotting about here and there with Priscilla and it’s international demands.  

And that’s how we proceeded to write IN VOGUE – sending emails back and forth, until we scheduled an intensive weekend in Sydney about two weeks before its World Premiere at the 2011 Adelaide Cabaret Festival. By then I had most of the songs under my belt, Dean had given the show its overall structure and cleverly decided which songs would best tell the different parts of her life and career worth discussing. We had a first draft.

After a tricky start to the weekend where Dean arrived to find I’d rewritten about half the script. I was beginning to really panic. and as much as I loved most of the script, there were sections I was worried that weren’t genius. We then proceeded to start from a blank page and work together on the piece, using Dean’s existing song structure and bouncing ideas off each other, cramming in as much of the research we’d done independently so that it was clever, economic, hilarious and, best of all, true. It was also important to us that we kept coming back to her songs and her songwriting talents; a masterclass, if you will.

We pretty much worked non-stop for two days culminating with a read/play through at the piano which ran for about 85 minutes (it was supposed to clock in at an hour) so we set about making little cuts and refinements but were satisfied we had a show and were on the right track. I then had the unenviable task of learning an hour script whilst seated at the piano, playing emotive underscore as I spoke. Harder than it sounds (and I reckon it sounds hard enough).

Thankfully, I was a swing at Jersey Boys, meaning if I weren’t required on stage, I could sit in the Musical Director Luke Hunter’s office and spend hours at the piano, marrying the script with my fingers. 

It all came together. We opened in Adelaide with a bang and it was possibly the most exciting week of my life. I’m Adelaide born and bred but working in the ‘biz’ had kept me away from there for about 10 years. To come home as part of the esteemed Adelaide Cabaret Festival with a one-man show was honestly a dream come true. I’d been as an audience member to a couple of the Adelaide Cabaret Festivals in previous years and had been so impressed with the content and feel of it all. If you’ve not been, it really is something you have to experience for yourself, it’s such a wonderful vibe. I’m not sure if there’s anything else quite like it.

My three shows in Adelaide whizzed by and when a few months later Jersey Boys announced a two month break between Oz and NZ, my first thought was “I wanna to take IN VOGUE to New York.” Audacious, I know, but it’s also a great excuse to catch up with mates over there and see lots of Broadway shows, especially Priscilla with Tony Sheldon, who I had the pleasure of being in the Original Cast with. I know I’ll cry like a baby when I see it. The two-week season I just did in Melbourne for Midsumma fell into place, so it was a case of striking while the iron was hot. The perfect thing to do on a break really!

So here I am at 30,000 feet, a visa in my passport and four dates booked at Don’t Tell Mama. In three sleeps, I make my New York cabaret debut.


Cabaret Confessional’s new guest blogger Michael Griffiths is a critically acclaimed cabaret and musical theatre performer. He made a spectacular cabaret debut at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival last year with In Vogue: Songs by Madonna. Following his success, he is now touring the show to Melbourne, New York City and Sydney. He will document his time on the road on his tour diary for the next two months.


“He creates a sense of togetherness in the room, reminding audiences that pop songs aren’t popular because they’re ordinary or vacuous, but because of the joy and connectedness that they inspire in the people who hear them. To miss this show would be even more of a crime than Madonna’s cover of ‘American Pie’.”

Click here to read the Four and a half-star review by ArtsHub reviewer Aleksia Barron.


Griffiths’ charming and impish performance sheds new light on Madonna’s songs and career…” - Kate Herbert

Click here to read the four-star review by Sun Herald reviewer Kate Herbert.

“With some impressive arrangements for piano, Griffiths gives the music and lyrics a considerable lift, and together with some clever monologues, injects a lot of humour” - Australian Stage

Click here to read the full review by Vito Mattarelli. 

Michael Griffiths in In Vogue: Songs by Madonna

New York season at Don’t Tell Mama: For tickets and show info, click here.

Sydney season as part of the Slide Cabaret Festival: For tickets and show info, click here.

Read his interview with Cabaret Confessional here.


Michael Griffiths Bio:

Performing Arts (WAAPA) with a Bachelor in Music Theatre in 1999 and has a Diploma in Music Composition. Michael is currently performing in Sydney in Jersey Boys. Before this Michael toured Australia and New Zealand in Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Michael performed in the Australian and Japanese tour of We Will Rock You!, appeared in the original Australian cast of Shout! and was in the original workshop for the new Australian musical Prodigal. Michael has performed cabaret at Sydney’s legendary Showqueen at the Supper Club and for Koookaburra’s Up Close and Musical series. He enjoyed a sold-out season with his cabaret debut In Vogue: Songs by Madonna at the 2011 Adelaide Cabaret Festival. 


Michael Griffiths’ Cabaret Tour Diary series

Michael Griffiths’ Cabaret Tour Diary Part 1 - Melbourne debut

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Michael Griffiths’ Cabaret Tour Diary Part 6 - NYC Bound

Michael Griffiths’ Cabaret Tour Diary Part 7 -  The Takeoff

Michael Griffiths’ Cabaret Tour Diary Part 8 - New York Debut

Michael Griffiths’ Cabaret Tour Diary Part 9 - Priscilla

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2011 in Review: The Year in Cabaret - January to June

As 2012 rolled around, I took a look back at 2011 and choose notable cabaret moments that Cabaret Confessional covered in the course of last 12 months. It’s been a BIG year in cabaret – when I was compiling this list, it was encouraging to see that there were a great deal of high quality events, a lot of recognition given to excellent artists and a number of interesting, innovative shows that were on offer nationally and internationally.

In fact, there was an incredible amount to cover that I’ve sectioned it off in two parts – January to June and July to December. Each month had something different in many shapes and forms.

2012 is already looking tantalisingly promising for cabaret – get ready for the most amazing year yet!

Click here to read the seconf half of round up (July to December).



Australian Cabaret Summer School class of 2011 Photo by Michael Marschall


Australian Cabaret Summer School

2011 started off with Australian Cabaret Summer School, directed by Matthew Carey.  The participants were mentored by Matthew Carey and Catherine Campbell. Guest metors included Michael Morley, Stephen Sheehan and Frank Ford, After an intensive one-week course, all 11 students - many with little or no experience in cabaret - wrote and performed their own shows consisting of three songs each at Summer Showcase. Many of them went on to perform full-length shows at festivals. 2012 classes will begin shortly with budding cabaret artists.


Eddie Perfect in Misanthropology

Eddie Perfect premiered Misanthropology - his first solo cabaret show since Drink Pepsi Bitch! at the Sydney Festival. It was a smash hit and the show toured Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and New Zealand.


Jim Caruso releases Swing Set

Over in New York, the city’s favourite cabaret impresario and a renowned party host Jim Caruso released sophisticated yet fun and irreverent album featuring re-imagined standards and eye-popping new tunes Swing Set from Yellow Sound Label, including duets with Michael Feinstein, Billy Stritch and Hilary Cole.


The Midsumma Festival 2011

The Midsumma Festival in Melbourne offered a fine list of cabaret acts. Trevor Ashley’s Liza (on an E) was a sold-out festival hit and extra shows were added.  In the same month, he won the Sydney Theatre Award for Best Cabaret Production for his show I’m Every Woman, beating Hugh Sheridan’s Newley Discovered, Smoke and Mirrors and The Men in Black.


The Butterfly Club changes ownership

Still in Melbourne, the city’s iconic cabaret venue The Butterfly Club changed ownership from the former owners David Read and Neville Sice to Simone Pulga. David Read and Neville Sice have been organising the Melbourne Cabaret Festival and The Butterfly Club is going stronger than ever.


Queensland floods fundraisers

When the Queensland floods struck, Sydney performer Catherine Alcorn gathered a group of Australian entertainers, including David Harris, Bob Downe, Dick and Christa Hughes, Barry Crocker, Amelia Cormack, Flip Simmons, Marika Aubrey and Toby Francis and staged a fundraiser Flood Lights. In Melbourne, The Butterfly Club hosted another benefit Evapor-AID featuring comedy and cabaret stars like Linda Beatty, Ann Edmonds, Gillian Cosgriff and Simon Taylor.





The Best of Cast Party

For the first time in it’s extraordinary eight-year history, Jim Caruso’s Cast Party burst from its steady Monday night home at Birdland to take on the big stage at Town Hall in a major benefit for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. 

At the Best of Cast Party, host Jim Caruso and musical director Billy Stritch were joined by an impressive list of performers, including Liza Minnelli, Chita Rivera, Marilyn Maye, Natalie Douglas and William Blake.


Adelaide Fringe 2011

Adelaide Fringe 2011 was packed full of great cabaret acts and Cabaret Confessional covered the Festival with interviews, reviews, news and daily event listings.  Performers like Le Gateau Chocolat, Charles Sanders, Antje Guenther, Ali McGregor, Tommy Bradson, Three Chillies, Amanda Palmer, Hans, The Wau Wau Sisters, Sophie Walsh-Harrington, Nikki Aitken, and Brigitte Baden-Rennie all delighted and entertained. The Garden of Unearthly Delights and Gluttony as well as other venues buzzed with great energy every night.


Hats Off!

Hats Off! returned with a fabulously star-studded concert. Bob Downe led an amazing line-up of Australian musical theatre, comedy, dance and cabaret performers, such as iOTA, Queenie van der Zandt and David Campbell, all donating their time and talent to help raise funds for ACON and Bobby Goldsmith Foundation. It was directed by Stuart Maunder with musical direction by Anne-Maree McDonald.


Barb Jungr’s Girl Talk reforms

Over in the UK, Barb Jungr’s Girl Talk reformed with Mari Wilson and Gwyneth Herbert performing an eclectic mix of songs from the 60s by Bacharach to the B52’s, Bowie to Rodgers and Hammerstein, Mad Pop to Sublime Ballads, and the critics couldn’t get enough of the show.



Sophie Walsh-Harrington



March is a Cabaret Month Gala

Cabaret guru Stu Hamstra’s Cabaret Holine Online brought the annual March is a Cabaret Month Gala with star-studded line-up in New York. Tracy Stark was the musical director and the performers on the night included Karen Ackers, Sally Mayes, Laurel Masse, Gabrielle Stravelli, Lucia Spina and Jim Van Slyke.


Kim Smith in Misfit

Kim Smith, an Australian Weimar style cabaret artist based in New York City, opened his new show Misfit at the Laurie Beechman Theatre in March to great reviews. He dazzled the audience with his charismatic and mesmerising performance singing in German, French and English.


Jason Robert Brown masterclass in Australia

Back in Australia, one of the most celebrated contemporary music theatre composers of the last decade, Jason Robert Brown conducted a series of masterclasses across Australia throughout March.


Sophie Walsh-Harrington wins Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Cabaret

Melbourne-based performer and writer Sophie Walsh-Harrington’s show The Damsel in Shining Armour took out the Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Cabaret at the Awards Night. Walsh-Harrington’s hysterically funny autobiographical show, featuring music by Celine Dion and accompanied by Matthew Carey for the Adelaide Fringe season, was chosen out of six nominees.


Cabaret artists in Melbourne International Comedy Festival

For Melbourne International Comedy Festival cabaret artists, we featured Quirky Swedish mega-star Carl-Einer Häckner of La Clique fame. He gave an insightful interview during his Melbourne season.


Geraldine Quinn wins the Golden Gibbo Award

Die Roten Punkte, Ali McGregor and Liz Skitch all shined but the brightest of all was Geraldine Quinn, who won the Golden Gibbo Award for her show You’re the Voice: Songs for the Ordinary by an Anthemaniac after being nominated for the award for two years in a row.


Yana Alana sweeps the cabaret category at the 28th Green Room Awards

Yana Alana and her creative team swept the the 28th Green Room Awards in the cabaret category, winning all six of the categories she was nominated for. 




2011 Adelaide Cabaret Festival Launch

After months of anticipation and suspense, 2011 Adelaide Cabaret Festival program was finally launched at the Festival Theatre. Olivia Newton-John was revealed as the headliner and Michael Feinstein as the Festival’s first ever closing act. Draxl and Gillian Cosgriff performed on the evening, giving the audience a tiny taste of what they had on offer in June.


Terese Genecco’s Australia and New Zealand Tour

Terese Genecco and special guest Shaynee offered Manhattan’s best cabaret and jazz as they toured Sydney and Auckland. In New Zealand, they played a show to honour the composer Russell Garcia (who since passed away in November).


26th Annual Bistro Awards Gala

Michael Feinstein, Colleen McHugh, Kevin Dozier and Sean Harkness were honoured along with other members of accomplished cabaret and jazz community at the 26th Annual Bistro Awards gala at Gotham Comedy Club.




Ali McGregor releases debut album Jazz Cigarette

Cabaret and opera diva Ali McGregor launched her long-awaited album Jazz Cigarette in Melbourne at the Arts Centre. For this album, she “chose songs that make her want to sing”, from classic jazz ballads and sassy blues made famous by Billie and Ella to trashy pop songs reinvented.


Betty Buckley makes her debut at The RRazz Room

Tony Award winner Betty Buckley made her debut at The RRazz Room in San Francisco and performed her cabaret For the Love of Broadway. In the show, she sang theater songs she’s always wanted to sing from shows like South Pacific, The Pajama Game, The King and I, Avenue Q and Nine.


Smoke & Mirrors: final season

Multi-award winning and a monster cabaret hit created by Craig Ilott and iOTA, Smoke & Mirrors had its farewell season in Sydney at the Seymour Centre. The show won three Helpmann Awards and enjoyed sold-out seasons at the Sydney Festival, the Adelaide Cabaret Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


2011 Cabaret Fringe Festival program launched

The fourth Cabaret Fringe Festival program was launched at La Boheme. Ffestival director, Sidonie Henbest, unveiled the line-up that included Libby O’Donovan, Emma Dean, Annie Siegmann, Charles Sanders and shows with multicultural flavours.


Cabaret Live! Melbourne Edition launched

After starting a massively popular open mic cabaret night in Adelaide, Cabaret performer Nikki Aitken launched the Melbourne edition of Cabaret Live! at The Butterfly Club. Melbourne-based cabaret performers, such as Emma Clair Ford, Justin Clausen, Gillian Cosgriff as well as those that made their stage debut joined Nikki and pianist Trevor Jones.


Barb Jungr’s Man in Long Black Coat released

British chanteuse and remarkable song stylist Barb Jungr’s new album Man in the Long Black Coat was released to huge critical acclaim. The album is a second collection of Dylan tunes after the enthralling Every Grain of Sand, featuring a compilation to celebrate Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday with four newly recorded songs. She gave Cabaret Confessional an interview just ahead of the official launch. 




Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2011

The world’s biggest cabaret festival, the Adelaide Cabaret Festival opened on the Queen’s Birthday weekend with glitz and glamour. Cabaret Confessional stepped up the coverage for the Festival. The Top 10 Picks were posted, as well as an interview with Frank Ford, founder of the Festival and Chair of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival Committee. The powerhouse performer from New York, Molly Pope was also interviewed.  Daily cabaret event listings were posted each day.

The Festival’s unofficial mascot, Mark Nadler, returned by popular demand and brought the house down with his Broadway Hootenanny performance at the Piano Bar for three evenings. The Festival faced an unexpected predicament when the Chilean ash clouds disrupted the artists’ travel plans as documented in this post.

This year, Cabaret Confessional teamed up with Frank Ford and assisted him with Part 2 of his report he pens for Cabaret Hotline Online during the Festival each year. The Festival’s comprehensive report Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 were published on the blog.

Performance highlights included Robyn Archer, Mark Nadler, Chita Rivera, Michael Feinstein, Brian Batt, Molly Pope, Gillian Cosgriff and Paul Capsis.

This was the artistic director David Campbell’s last Festival. It’s now over to Kate Ceberano!


Cabaret Fringe Festival 2011

Founded by Paul Boylon four years ago and directed by Sidonie Henbest, this is a sister event that runs along the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. In 2011 it got bigger and better.  Libby O’Donovan, Emma Dean, Tyrannosaurus Sex The Puppet Rock Opera, Charles Sanders, Annie Siegmann were stand-out acts.

We featured many artists that were part of Cabaret Fringe. Two of Adelaide’s accomplished cabaret artists and educators Matthew Carey and Catherine Campbell conducted a masterclass as part of Cabaret Fringe Festival and gave an in-depth interview. Nikki Nouveau, Emma Dean and Charles Sanders were also interviewed.


Twelve Acts of Cabaret opens at QPAC in Brisbane

Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) proudly presented TWELVE ACTS OF CABARET featuring a star-studded line up of international, national and local cabaret acts offering the best nights out for entertainment. 10 Brisbane premieres and eight new shows were on the program. The featured artists included Nick Christo, Jane Badler, Die Roten Punkte, Paul Capsis, Steve Ross, Toby Francis and Gillian Cosgriff. Cabaret Confessional covered the event with extensive interviews and show listings during Twelve Acts of Cabaret.


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