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Laugh Until I Cry

Melbourne cabaret darling Emma Clair Ford returns to The Butterfly Club this week with a brand new series of musings on the bewildering undertaking of adulthood.

Between slumber and consciousness, Emma delights in crystal clear revelations and nostalgic wanderings, then delves into personal uncertainty of seemingly catastrophic proportions.

Join this super songstress as she navigates her way through a night of hope, fear, love, expectation, and poorly constructed to do lists.

Emma’s previous shows have been narrative based, ‘Lila Gray’ was character driven and ‘Butterscotch’ was a fantastical coming of age story.

But as she describes the new show - “Laugh Until I Cry is quite personal, centering around my experiences with anxiety and the expectations we have of what our ‘grown up’ life should look like. But I approach it with a sense of humour - focussing on the fact that the niggly, nasty thoughts that sometimes keep us awake at night don’t make us crazy, they make us human.”

Emma has also placed a heavier focus on the music in this show, which she has developed with the amazing Vicky Jacobs.
With a blend of sharp storytelling, evocative prose and sumptuous jazz inspired songs, Laugh Until I Cry features music by George Gershwin, The Beatles, Adele, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday and more. 


Emma Clair Ford’s ‘Laugh Until I Cry’

The Butterfly Club - Carson Place, Melbourne

Wednesday March 4th - Sunday March 8th, 2015 (8pm Wed/Sun, 9pm Thurs/Fri/Sat)

Tickets: or 9663 8107 

$30 Full, $26 Conc, $25 Preview (Wed), $24 Group (8+) 

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