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Simple Two-Question Survey for Cabaret Artists

Dear Cabaret Performers -

I created Cabaret Confessional back in 2009 with a mission to

promote cabaret and its practitioners and serve as an archive, capturing a snap shot of cabaret history.

I’ve been passionate about the cabaret scene for nearly 20yrs and I’ve been on stage and in the audience in venues in the USA, UK and Australia. 

It’s my deep desire for Cabaret Confessional to be an online space that brings together performers from all around the world - a cabaret water-cooler, if you like. Somewhere we can share our triumphs, seek advice when needed and learn from each other.

Being a cabaret artist can be a lonely job when you’re trying to pull together all the elements on your own and I want to create a resource and a hub where all of us can gather.

In the past the site has focussed on what’s on and reviews, and while there is a place for that…there are already lots of places for that. Other wonderful sites that support cabaret. Reviews are great, they can be validating and a great review can give you a quote you’ll use for the rest of your career! 

But I have the sense that what is missing from our community (and it is a community - full of wonderful, colourful, generous souls) is a place where we can discuss the nuts and bolts of putting on a show.

So as I update Cabaret Confessional I’m trying to learn a little more about the problems and challenges you’re facing right now so that I can be creating content that is super valuable and useful for you. 

It would be really helpful for me if you took three minutes to fill out this simple 2 question survey that will help me create something that will be helpful to you.

Thank you in advance, and as further thanks, if you sign up to the mailing list here I’ll make sure you get early access to whatever I create! 



Matthew Carey

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