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Adelaide Fringe 2012 Review: Mager & Smythe: In Search Of Atlantis



Mager & Smythe: In Search Of Atlantis

The Tuxedo Cat

Season closed


In a fun, farcical journey that follows two intrepid wannabe explorers on their search for the Lost City of Atlantis, Mager & Smythe return to Adelaide with their award winning production of In Search of Atlantis.

The duo hold the audience in their sweaty hands as they drag us through a Quadrophenia-style rock opera. A mix of storytelling and upbeat songs backed by guitar and mandolin, the performance is saturated with clever character play and dialogue reminiscent of a Pythonesque misadventure. The relentless comedy is tempered only once with a lovely, melancholy tune about the lad’s love of their homeland of Australia.

The seamless and humorous transitions of Mager & Smythe between characters – from bumbling young explorers, to a crusty old professor, an Egyptian merchant, and Atlantian officials without flinch – is one of the joys of the production. Their banter about who should narrate and forays into the audience locate this production in the tradition of cabaret, though it is also reminiscent of musical comedy. Their engagement with the audience and how they handle minor production flubs demonstrate quick thinking and confident mastery of the stage.

With talented performers, a script written with honesty and humour (who can deny that we are on the path to using the last of our drinking water to wash away our poo?) combined with original songs that play an integral part in the plot, In Search of Atlantis will activate the smile box of anyone who doesn’t mind a simple, funny yarn.


Reviewed by S. Macnab and L. King



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