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Adelaide Fringe 2012 Review: Queer: The Wicked Webs We Weave



Queer: The Wicked Webs We Weave

Higher Ground - Art Base

Season continues to March 16


The second solo cabaret offering from Chaeles Sanders (directed by Velalien) asks to ponder one of life’s most perennially baffling questions – what drives people to an endless loop of self-destruction when they know all too well that it’ll end in tears?

This carefully crafted show examines the above-mentioned intricate theme in four separate scenarios. It’s punctuated by edgy arrangements of songs by artists, such as Garbage, Prince, Nick Cave, Divynals and The Dresden Dolls, as well as spoken words.

As Sanders traverses between charismatic and vulnerable, he unflinchingly challenges the audience as he presents the tales of those that get impossibly tangled up in their own “wicked webs” in his own distinct glam-rock style. He gives an all-consuming, emotionally nuanced performance.

The three-piece band featuring Logan Watt, Hannah Bennett and Tim Overton plays seamlessly throughout the show.

The stories he tells are intense. They demand attention and elicit reflection from the audience on their own vicious cycle, past or present. Queer: The Wicked Web We Weave is a well-executed, confronting piece of cabaret that leaves a lingering afterthought.


Reviewed by Lena Nobuhara


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