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Adelaide Fringe 2012 Review: Hardboiled Lolly



Hardboiled Lolly

The Garden of Unearthly Delights -The Cupola

Season continues to March 4


Hardboiled Lolly is an entertaining romp through the adventures of Private Investigator Lolly P. Jones. I don’t know precisely if she ever caught her killers, but I think her main mission was bedding unsuspecting dames rather than bringing villains to justice, so perhaps it is a moot point.

Lolly P. Jones punched some serious tongue twisting alliterations layered with thick innuendo that was, to borrow a phrase from Raymond Chandler, the man who made the genre, “… as unobtrusive as a tarantula on a slice of angel food.” It reminded me a little of Dirk Darrow who also interestingly billed himself as cabaret – with audience members brought on stage as suspects to the crimes, plenty of laughs and lots of physicality. This year Dick Darrow has moved into the comedy category, but with her emphasis on telling stories through songs, Lolly P. Jones can more easily make a case for being on the cabaret side of the thin blue line.

Confidently delivered and entertaining, it was a fun piece of detective theatre, with enough songs, gags, stories and high kicks to keep the punters happy.


Reviewed by Libby King 



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