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Adelaide Fringe 2012 Review: The LoveBirds



The LoveBirds

The Garden of Unearthly Delights - Idolize Spiegeltent

Season continues to March 18

The first thing that hits when The LoveBirds begins is the music. A band of accomplished musicians have clearly found a strong rhythm and it filled the Idolize Spiegeltent with a fittingly raucous atmosphere perfect for the venue.

Then comes the exquisite voice of Simone Page Jones, followed by her peacock feathers, enormous eyelashes, bejewelled face and sequin-adorned body. With three other LoveBirds, this quartet create a bright and dazzling stage presence committed to producing a spectacular sensory experience.

The publicity describes The LoveBirds as an “exotic new breed of cabaret” and the bold vision and ambitions are evident. It’s a fine line, but the performance was perhaps more reminiscent of musical theatre than cabaret, with music and visual spectacle taking the primary stage at the expense of plot and intimacy with the audience. I couldn’t help but conjure thoughts of an avian version of Cats, albeit with more sexual innuendo and shinier costumes.

The early set up for the show was exciting – they promised to enchant and amaze and hinted at liberation from legal jobs and urban concrete. In the end it didn’t comprehensively achieve these though, and the experience was less satisfying because of a script with a limited storyline and single-dimensional characters.

For those who like sequins, a smashing band, sparkling lights, professional performers and excellent vocals The LoveBirds delivers with interest. Those moved by plot, meaning and motivation may be left wanting.


Reviewed by Libby King 



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