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Michael Griffiths' Cabaret Tour Diary Part 6 - NYC Bound


The Queen of Pop taking her bow on the final Melbourne show


Wednesday February 1, 2012 

So I’m back home in Sydney and leaving for New York first thing tomorrow morning. Haven’t packed yet and the sun is starting to go down but it’s all good. I feel excited, confident and ready, as I’ll ever be.

Melbourne ended on a triumphant high and I couldn’t be happier. The last two shows were my most accurate and controlled and Madge has now settled deep into my bones. 

Had a little upset yesterday when just as I was leaving for dinner, I noticed that my passport wasn’t in its usual spot. I did a quick search through the house to no avail. I had no time to spare and had to rush out the door in a mild state of panic for a degustation at Sepia that had been booked months ago. After a couple of glasses of wine I managed to calm myself down and enjoyed the eight stunning courses. I reassured myself it simply had to be at home, because it was only a couple of weeks ago that we sat on the lounge, laughing at the goofy picture of me on my US B1/2 VISA. Nonetheless, I couldn’t help but run through all the worst-case scenarios and possible backup plans as each spectacular course was cleared for the next. What does happen when you turn up to an International Airport sans passport? Do I apologise via status update on Facebook and refund any tickets sold? Do I get arrested and put into ‘airport jail’? Do I finally make my television debut on Border Control? It would have been a complete disaster, but of course it turned up the minute my partner Daryl had a look for it when we arrived home full bellied three hours later. 

Speaking of tickets sold, I have absolutely no idea if there are any advance sales and (just like with the Melbourne season) I’m actually too afraid to ask. Best not to worry about those sorts of things and leave it to my New York producer, Jeremy Youett. We met years ago in the ensemble of Priscilla Queen of the Desert where we both dressed up as drag paintbrushes and assorted long-lashed and leggy Australian flora and fauna. Lucky for me, he’s ended up a cabaret producer based in NYC, so I immediately contacted him back when Jersey Boys holiday dates were announced. And here we are, some three months later I’m about to board a plane!

It’s a terrible cliché, but it doesn’t feel real yet. I suppose it won’t until I arrive at the airport early in the morning, bleary eyed and Madge style in a comfy tracksuit! 

Here’s to a safe and painless flight.


My writer/director Dean Bryant talks about our Melbourne season in his blog:


Cabaret Confessional’s new guest blogger Michael Griffiths is a critically acclaimed cabaret and musical theatre performer. He made a spectacular cabaret debut at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival last year with In Vogue: Songs by Madonna. Following his success, he is now touring the show to Melbourne, New York City and Sydney. He will document his time on the road on his tour diary for the next two months.


“He creates a sense of togetherness in the room, reminding audiences that pop songs aren’t popular because they’re ordinary or vacuous, but because of the joy and connectedness that they inspire in the people who hear them. To miss this show would be even more of a crime than Madonna’s cover of ‘American Pie’.”

Click here to read the Four and a half-star review by ArtsHub reviewer Aleksia Barron.


Griffiths’ charming and impish performance sheds new light on Madonna’s songs and career…” - Kate Herbert

Click here to read the four-star review by Sun Herald reviewer Kate Herbert.

“With some impressive arrangements for piano, Griffiths gives the music and lyrics a considerable lift, and together with some clever monologues, injects a lot of humour” - Australian Stage

Click here to read the full review by Vito Mattarelli. 

Michael Griffiths in In Vogue: Songs by Madonna

New York season at Don’t Tell Mama: For tickets and show info, click here.

Sydney season as part of the Slide Cabaret Festival: For tickets and show info, click here.

Read his interview with Cabaret Confessional here.


Michael Griffiths Bio:

Performing Arts (WAAPA) with a Bachelor in Music Theatre in 1999 and has a Diploma in Music Composition. Michael is currently performing in Sydney in Jersey Boys. Before this Michael toured Australia and New Zealand in Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Michael performed in the Australian and Japanese tour of We Will Rock You!, appeared in the original Australian cast of Shout! and was in the original workshop for the new Australian musical Prodigal. Michael has performed cabaret at Sydney’s legendary Showqueen at the Supper Club and for Koookaburra’s Up Close and Musical series. He enjoyed a sold-out season with his cabaret debut In Vogue: Songs by Madonna at the 2011 Adelaide Cabaret Festival. 


Michael Griffiths’ Cabaret Tour Diary series

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