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Interview: Merry twisted Christmas 



They don’t call Christmas the “silly season” for nothing.  Cabaret stars Jo Loth (Mind Games) and Liz Skitch (Skitch Tease) have pulled out all the stops and created Dark Christmas - a show that pokes unlimited fun at the festive season that’s fraught with danger and filled with horrific, but later amusing episodes. It’s as irreverent and tongue in cheek as it gets. Loth and Skitch spill the beans on Santa, sex toys and the Virgin Mary.


What can the audience expect from Dark Christmas?

Jo Loth: A very twisted version of Christmas with some sacriligious and anti-consumerist silliness.

Liz Skitch: And I play the triangle.


The show is described as ‘therapy’ to survive the silly season. What aspects of Christmas do and can go wrong that we should be aware of?

LS: I suppose Christmas is a risky time…mostly because it is so alcohol infused.  Family + alcohol = a long day.  Work Colleagues + alcohol = regrets.  Virgin Mary + alcohol = a not so immaculate conception.


How far will you be pushing the boundaries with this Christmas cabaret?

JL:  All the way baby!

LS: What boundaries?


What part of creating this show made it fun?

JL:  I went to a Catholic Primary School and always wanted to play the Virgin Mary.So finally getting to be her has been a highlight for me.

LS: And I get to play the donkey…that’s been good too.


What did Christmas mean to you as a child and what does it mean to you as an adult?

LS: I loved it as a kid because it was all about the presents.  Now I hate it as an adult because it is all about the presents.  I was pretty spoilt as a kid but kids seem to be even more spoilt these days.


Jo, you say your boss believes in ‘compulsory fun’ by making all his staff wear reindeer-antler headbands. What’s your take on Kris Kringle at workplace?

JL: Secret Santa is a great way of expressing how you really feel about someone in the work place.  In one of our scenes, Liz’s character receives a sex toy from her secret Santa, and things get interesting after that.

LS: Thankfully it was still in its packaging.


Liz, is it true that you believed in Santa until you were 16? How was that possible?!

LS:  My big brothers educated me and their theory worked.  The longer that I pretended to believe, the longer Santa kept spoiling us all with presents.


What would you ask for Christmas this year?

JL & LS:  A sold out season at The Butterfly Club.


Dark Christmas opens at The Butterfly Club on Decmber 15 through December 18. For more information and to book tickets, click here.


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