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Utterly Captivating - LILA GRAY reviewed


Lila Gray is an old soul, full of confusion, neurosis, lustful desire, murderous compulsion and a wanton love of drama.

Creator Emma Clair Ford portrays the meandering soul with such vigor and complexity that it is hard to look away.

For just under an hour Lila recounts tales of her many soulful conquests. The souls of anything from a worker bee to an emo checkout chick from Cragieburn to the love of her life (a confidence trickster named Benny). The tales are varied and make for a captivating evening.

This one woman cabaret show is a wonderful platform for a talented singer and actress such as Ford. The music features parodies of many familiar tunes that the audience will recognise. These refrains are comically re-worded to relate to the sordid situations Lila finds herself in. Beautifully accompanied on piano by Laura Tipoki, Ford’s song choices “9 til 5” by Dolly Parton, “Freak” by Radiohead and “Missed Me” by The Dresden Dolls are deftly transformed into what is almost Lila’s inner mixtape.

Like songs that reminisce about lovers gone by, Lila reminisces about lives she has seen and been a part of. Ford switches between musical styles with ease and is a superb songstress. From lilting soprano to torch song belter, she is vocally commendable. Other than an occasional dip in energy (perhaps due to it being closing night) Ford’s performance is formidable.

Lila Gray is funny, charming, lovable, dangerous, volatile and utterly captivating. This dark and funny show is like the crazy ex-girlfriend you can’t get over - although neurotic and a little scary, she leaves you craving more.


Reviewed by Seraphim Davey Sept 26, 2010


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Reader Comments (1)

i love lila gray.

September 30, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTommy Bradson
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